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Posted by Lil' Rahr on January 28, 2006 at 23:40:40:

> O.K., now I've seen it all. I think I have finally reached the same
> point as my favorite talk show host, Mike Malloy, i.e., "Have I told
> you yet today how much I HATE these people?" The people, of course,
> are the lying sacks of s--- known as Republicans.
> I just came across an article by that lying bitch Michelle Malkin, a
> favorite talking head of Fox "News", in which she pointed to Senator
> Robert Byrd's book (discussed in the article attached) as evidence of
> how the Democratic Party is racist, so much so that they welcomed a
> former member of the KKK as a U.S. Senator! And of course, the
> Republicans, in her ignorant opinion, could never get away with
> racism, let alone KKK membership. Robert Byrd is proof, according to
> her, that the Republicans are truly the party of ALL the people. What
> an arrogant ignoramus -- just like her president!
> I just finished up the unit on Reconstruction with my students this
> week, and believe me, when I teach it, I teach the TRUTH about it.
> also end up being extremely angry all week long.) Screw that garbage
> about the "poor, destroyed South being taken advantage of by those
> horrible Northern carpetbaggers!" Or the crap about those poor
> Southerners who were only fighting to defend their "way of life."
> What these liars fail to acknowledge is that the South was, up until
> the 1960s, a bastion of the Democratic Party. It was solidly
> Democratic, going back to Reconstruction, when the Radical
> really wanted to pay them back but Andrew Johnson caved and
> essentially gave the South everything it wanted. And so began a
> hundred years of Jim Crow, the KKK, lynchings and all of that other
> lovely stuff associated with the "land of cotton."
> Oh, they were Democratic all right, until a good old southern boy --
> one of their own named Lyndon Johnson -- betrayed them by signing the
> Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act. Uh oh -- no more Jim Crow
> laws -- this time the feds were gonna enforce the constitutional
> guarantees that had been put in place 100 years before. You know,
> those "equal protection" guarantees that were never heeded by those
> good old boys claiming "states' rights." I mean, how could Pres.
> Johnson have betrayed his Democratic base that way? So what happened
> then? All of those good old boys deserted the Democratic Party and
> became REPUBLICANS. (Or did the last electoral map get it backwards?
> Is that actually a block of BLUE states down there? SPARE ME.)
> I don't in any way excuse Byrd's past, but in my opinion, if he
> and truly had held to his racist past, he would have become a
> Republican forty years ago when the racist South did so as a block.
> And I am so SICK to DEATH of hearing today's Republican apologists
> that really, this change happened because of Roosevelt in the 1930s.
> They'll say that it was really about economics, not racism. OH YEAH?
> Then WHY, pray tell, did the South remain solidly Democratic until
> 1960s?!?!?!?! Those lying racist bastards!
> I am so sick of the lies and high crimes being committed by these
> a$$holes I could spit. Can you tell?
> So that's my wrap-up for the week.
> Maybe next week, I'll share with my students the "widsom" of the
> current good old boy illegally occupying the White House:
> "Democracies don't declare war on each other!" What an imbecile.
> Thanks for listening to me vent.
> Lil' Rahr

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