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Posted by Admiral Nelson on May 05, 2006 at 12:55:27:

Amazing that anyone could support the Bush Family Evil Empire these days.
But they do. Let's see what would have to be true if you support Bush:

1. You don't care if your government has the right to invade your privacy
under any circumstances whatsoever.
2. It doesn't mean anything to you that the economy our nation has gone
from a surplus to the greatest deficit in history.
3. It is unimportant in your mind that the USA is indebted to China.
4. You are willing to pay as much as the oil companies want you to pay at
the pump.
5. You are oblivious to the suffering of innocent people in Iraq and around
the world who are tortured and "collateral" victims of war.
6. It doesn't matter to you that the US had no cause to invade Iraq.
7. When people lie to you, you just ignore it, or you choose to accept what
is convenient in their lies.
8. You believe that a single person should have the power to do anything at
will, regardless of legality or constitutionality, with no accountability
9. You accept that people are imprisoned without access to counsel and
without the right to a fair and speedy trial.
10. You accept torture as a viable means of establishing truth.
11. Even though your future employment and solvency are greatly in
jeopardy, you look to the future as your privilege. Prepare for extreme

Let's face it. To support the current criminal corrupt government you need
to be a collaborator in their crimes. It is possible that a third of all
Americans actually want the USA to be an empire that invades without
provocation and lies, cheats and steals in your behalf.

I am NOT that kind of person, and no power on earth could make me be that
kind of person. Fortunately, it appears that such individuals are in the
minority, which means that ultimately they will be defeated. But the cost
is hard to bear.

Keep on playin' oh ye Sons of Emperor Norton! Our Emperor would never have
descended to the depths demonstrated by today's "leaders."

Ephraim Bee Redidivus, AKA Admiral Nelson

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