Uncle Al

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Posted by joshua@thesonsofemperornorton.com on May 29, 2006 at 10:56:43:

Coming into the front door on Lake St. in his leather jacket back in '62, when Grandma and Nono still lived there.

Making me paper airplanes when I couldn't, the old green Ford pick-up. The wooden boat(s) that he sailed
in Golden Gate park. All the leaden army men and WWII bubble gum cards that were up in his room when we moved to Lake St.

Tales of New Years Eve 1974 at the Ormsby House...lots of singing. Lucky, Jimmy Joe, Magee, Daisy, Cindy, Ceasar.

Mining in Nevada with Dr. Smith, cameras, Count Basie, carpooling to Nevada to work on Mrs. Bigelow's Corvair. Death Valley in the blue suburban. Ghost towns...

The ranch, the pumphouse, the dam, the fence, Treasure Island, Uncle Troy, Little Troy, Ft. Churchill, digging out the basement at Fillmore, the truck with no brakes that needed a tree to stop.

The big flood down south while in the Air Force. Dakota Staton, playing poker in the kitchen at 1114 N. Curry, grandma making a big plate of veal. Mickey Rooney. "Dawg" with a Chicago accent.

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