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Posted by Sourdough on October 24, 2006 at 21:51:19:

> One of my favorite albums currently comes from the
> USA and was recorded
> by a group of Caucasian Americans who call
> themselves the Sons of
> Emperor Norton.
> There was really such an Emperor Norton around 1850
> in San Francisco.
> He was an out-there eccentric who appointed himself
> the Emperor of
> America and denied the legitimacy of the faraway
> government in
> Washington.
> His self-named sons of today; that is, the band of
> which we are
> speaking, do something similar: They are strictly
> anti-Bush, list the
> political mistakes of his system and ascertain that
> his limitations are
> only exceeded by his dangerousness. Their political
> line becomes clear
> when you take a look at the link collection on their
> website (see
> above).

> The whole thing comes across as if Michael Moore
> didn't make films, but
> music played by the Sons. That is, totally
> anti-national and partly
> very comical/satirical.

> I like the album because it comes from the left
> spectrum of America.
> But the album's music is well played and includes
> more traditional
> themes and grooves from the country- rockabily
> universe of Caucasian
> America. (translaters note: I think she specifically mentions
> "White America" to
> distinguish it from the Hip-Hop or Latin music and
> culture that has
> also made its way to Europe. In other words, I
> don't think she's
> fixated on race. Probably a better translation
> would be
> "European-American" but even that isn't quite right
> -- it doesn't
> translate in context.)

> Highlights are the really good "sad and lonely"
> along with the hot
> track in which Hawkins, Twain and Emperor Norton
> have a discussion and
> are finally arrested by King Elvis himself because
> of their
> terrorist-like talk in opposition to the spirit of
> the Patriot Act, the
> strict law that was put into place after September
> 11th.

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