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Posted by ralph j. gleason on June 01, 2010 at 22:53:26:

Joe Kaline brings music to the Bistro in Hayward each third Sunday of the month.

Joe Kaline is the nucleus of a group, or several groups, that grace the Bistro with a smorgasbord of styles each third Sunday of the month, usually. (Always a good idea to call the venue to confirm, of course.) The band-of-record is The Sons of Emperor Norton, with a rousing repertoire of country-western-elvis-tv-americana-rockabilly spiced up by the occasional ellington classic or a "blue moon" medley.

The band-of-record is not always the-band-that-shows-up-to-play, but the band that does show always (almost) has Joe at the core. Joe has a swampy rockabilly rhythm groove, and is the usual front vocalist - if there is any vocalising. Sometimes the non-emperor conglomerations lean more on jazz style, with instruments trading solos and not much singing, if any. Joe plays the whole family of saxes. and is fond of picking up his curved soprano sax - a bit of an oddity - most soprano saxes are straight & look like a metal clarinet.
If Gary has made it to the gig, there's a real treat for you in his effortless virtuosity and endless melodic invention. I think the gypsy said he went down to the crossroads years ago. Scott's a solid foursquare bass player, not often flashy, but dependable & solid like rock, anchoring the grooves. Peter Tucker was last seen being very busy playing for three different bands (Houston-Jones, as well as R.J.'s originals project, Sezu, which includes the keyboard player from Spinal Tap).

You may not know exactly what your gonna hear til the band actually gets there, but whatever it is, you know it'll be good.

The Sons of Emperor Norton
Band Members
Joe Kaline: rhythm guitar, vocals, and saxophone.
Scott Hoover :bass.
Gary Bauman: lead guitar and vocals.
Peter Tucker: drums and vocals.

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