music is spiritual

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Posted by Joshua Norton on April 22, 2024 at 19:47:56:

you know all we have is now and our friends and whatever we've been preoccupied with most of our life that seems spiritually valid and I think music is that and sometimes when music's popular in a capitalist society it means it's like all the other poisons that we've created like our food are nuclear our guns it's insane so you should just embrace all your talents and express yourself and whenever you're ready man that's all I'm doing think about these guys who have nothing but they're horn who might be talented like probably Charlie Parker and we have the opportunity to say oh do I want to do music or do I want to go to school and become a therapist or do I want to drive a truck or do I want to be a dentist or all that I think it's kind of noble for somebody who has a choice to do a more lucrative established job and who keeps trying to do something that the fascists kind of reject or try to control is incredible you know it's just like the difference between me and all these fucking tribute bands out there that's just like shit to me I'm not going to tell those guys that that's what it is but man everybody wants to be a franchise like McDonald's or Starbucks go fuck yourself especially for your middle class or higher and you have an opportunity to do something interesting then maybe those people just aren't eat maybe they're all made of hydrogenated oil and round up and GMOs in Wonder bread

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