Poor Blind Candidate

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Posted by Wm K. Raven Howland on January 10, 2005 at 11:45:14:

Sourdough Joe,

I herewith invite you to join the Ancient & Honorable Order of E Clampsus Vitus, by attending the Spring DOINs on the 26th of March '05 (Clamp Year 6010). The Activities of the Day or in 2 parts, namely the plaqueing of the Old Black Smith Shop in San Francisco, follwed by Clampstupendous festivies a Junipera Serra Park in San Bruno, which will include a rather painless initiation into the order.

It is my pleasesure to sponsor thee into the Brotherhood. For the days activity (both parts) you may not wear anything Red, or womens clothing. Must be sober and willing to be hazed, albiet mild.

Let me know what you think and the details to follow.

In Vitus,

Brother Raven
Gold Dust Receiver

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