Our Founders - Joe Kaline and Scott Hoover
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Joe Kaline and Scott Hoover

After establishing The Sons of Emperor Norton in the summer of '98, my good friend Ulysses S. Balzac and I spent many an afternoon discussing the separation of California into two separate states; the northern half to be known simply as California, and the southern offically renamed Orangeles, but commonly referred to as "The Bottom" - Sou'dough Joe 6/21/06

Fancy rule
Virginia City on June 26 and 27, 2004 at the historic Washoe Club, established 1875
Joe, Rob and Mark Mark, Scott, Emily and Erin Man with beard Joe Kaline in cowboy hat Joe, Emily and Erin
Clamper day at Molloy's, Jan 8, 2005
The Clampers band Molloy's Emperor Norton wannabes at Molloy's A large Clamper Joe play with the Clampers band A Clamper musician playing the tuba

Pen and ink drawing of a desperado

Scenes from 'Norton Country'